Theatre director and dramatiser. She got her MA degree in Theatre and Drama from the Uniarts Theatre Academy in 2017. Airaksinen has been chairman of the board of the Third Space 2018-2021.



Frank Berger has many passions in his life. He sees himself most of all as a singer and an artist but works freelance also as a composer, a musician and an actor. Has studied music at Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu and vocal pedagogy at Yrkeshögskolan Novia. Frank has been part of about fifteen operas and musicals. He loves folk music and appreciates all forms of groundbreaking experiences of art.



Literary scholar, university lecturer. Has worked in comparative literature and at the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies at the University of Turku, where she has functioned as coordinator with responsibilty for the administration of various development projects. Her dissertation was on Caribbean women’s literature and the re-writing of history. Member of the board of the Society of Queer Studies in Finland, alternating editor-in-chief for the journal SQS, and member of the editorial committee for the journal of the art subjects, UTUkirjat.



Sociologist, university lecturer. Has worked at the Department of Sociology at the University of Turku since 1989 and at the Centre for East Asian Studies since 2007. The subject of her present academic interests is change in contemporary Japanese society. Her fields of responsibility within 3S is the encounter between science and art.



Producer and audio describer. Leinonen-Vainio got her MA degree in 2011. She has been a part of the Third Space-theatre since 2009. Her jobs within the theatre include producing and managing finances.



Producer, performer. Has a degree of producer of culture and arts from Turun AMK:n Taideakatemia (2004). Studies in theatre and acting at Uniarts Theatre Academy. Has worked in culture and arts for example on the European Capital of Culture project in Turku (2011) and in Suomen Teatteri organization. A member of Kolmas Tila – Third Space since 2012. Actress in Berg Heil! and Legend of the Tiny Bone.





Theatre director. Graduated from the Director’s Programme at the Finnish Theatre School in 1977. Has worked as a visiting director around Finland. Professor of theatre direction at the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 2000-2005. Founding member of Kolmas Tila-Third Space. Chairman of Kolmas Tila-Third Space 2007-2018.



Freelance actress, has worked in many theatres since 2000. Worked in Finnish National Theatre 2011-2019. Latest works in the City Theatre of Espoo in Juha Hurme’s ensemble, and in movies such as Tytöt, tytöt, tytöt. Actor in Kolmas Tila – Third Space productions The Memory of Maria Andersson, The Moment of the Star, Berg Heil! – Nietschean Wandersongs and The Romantic Mind. Plays the violin and sings in a choir. Founding member of Kolmas Tila – Third Space (2007)



Playwright and dramatiser. Has written manuscripts, made dramatisations and translations, written radio plays, movie scripts and librettoes. Has teached many years at the Theatre Academy Helsinki. Founding member of Kolmas Tila – Third Space (2007), has worked on all Kolmas Tila – Third Space productions as a playwright or a dramatiser.



Film director. Received her artistic education at Chelsea College of Art (1999) and Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (2017). Has written manuscripts, directed, cut, and produced dokumentaries and short films. She combines narrativity with documentation in her films in order to create personal and intimate portraits. Founding member of Kolmas Tila-Third Space (2007).



Industrial designer. Graduated from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 1970. Has been a partner within various design agencies and was active for a long time as the leading designer at ED-design. Has taught, among other places, at the Arts Academy Turku and at Aalto University ARTS, where he worked as leader for the Department for industrial design and as temporary professor. Has been awarded the State Prize for Design. Honorary member of ORNAMO and Aalto University ARTS. Founding member of Kolmas Tila-Third Space (2007).



Historian, doctor of philosophy and docent of nineteenth century cultural history at the University of Turku. Interested in cultural phenomenons of the romantic era, publications on various topics ranging from the theory of history and the history of concepts to the experiences of walking. Also a nonfiction writer.



Costume designer, has worked in many Finnish theatres and in movies. Has worked with Kolmas Tila – Third Space on The Legend of the Tiny Bone and The Romantic Mind.



A cultural historian who holds the Title of Docent in the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies at the University of Turku. He has specialized in the cultural history of the nineteenth century, and in recent years he has published on early Romanticism in Finland and the German-speaking areas.



Theatrical, press and commercial photographer, who has photographed over 300 performances around Finland. "Court photographer for Third Space". Founding member of Kolmas Tila-Third Space (2007).





Actress and producer. Freelance actor since 2003 and actor at Vaasa City Theater 1997-2003. In addition to acting, Kristina is also the Executive Manager of the FINFRINGE Festival. In Kolmas Tila – Third space Kristina is a producer and actor (Berg Heil! - Nietschean wandersongs, Passion, The Legend of the tiny Bone and Raumzeit)

Thank you for all funding organizations and people who have supported our work.